Here at Epic Games Africa™, we do things a little bit differently.

Our employees are paid in FortniteBucks. These are different from VBucks in one major, unique way:
They are redeemable only for time in our patented Fortnite Game Center for 2 hours of game time as well as a soda with one free refill!



Skull Trooper





Not convinced?

While in our patented Epic Games Fortnite Game Center, “employees” are required (by law) to leave one positive review, in the form of a meme! Take a look for yourself!

The answer to the question you've been thinking:

How can you get in on the ground floor of the young african fortnite method (YAFM for short)?

It’s a lot easier than you’d think.

1.     Buy the coin! This guarantees your part ownership in Epic Games Africa as well as Epic Games Africa’s new patented Fortnite Game Centers!

2.     Join the Telegram! What’s the point of owning a share if you aren’t actively participating in raids/spam to get more eyes on it?

3.     Paste the CA in your other groupchats while saying something cryptic or bullish! That’s right, you would be surprised how well this method works. Simply saying “don’t miss out retards” before disappearing again makes you seem cool and mysterious!